Salivary Endocannabinoid Profiles in Chronic Orofacial Pain and Headache Disorders: An Observational Study Using a Novel Tool for Diagnosis and Management

The endocannabinoid system is involved in generation,modulation and sensation of pain. Its role in certain types of orofacial pain(OFP) its unknown.

In this paper, they evaluated the specific salivary endocannabinoids in individuals with different types of OFP.

Lower leves of 2-arachidonoyl glycerol(2-AG) were found in trigeminal neuralgia and tensión-type headache groups, while elevated anandamide were found in burning mouth syndrome groups.

This finding allow new ways for accurate diagnoses of OFP patients.


Shimrit Heiliczer, Asaf Wilensky, Tal Gaver, Olga Georgiev, Sharleen Hamad, Alina Nemirovski,  Rivka Hadar, Yair Sharav, Doron J. Aframian, Joseph Tam and Yaron Haviv.