Neurodynamic treatment is beneficial for neuropathic pain

Nerve injuries lead to disability associated with neuropathic pain that usually manifests as mechanical allodynia and hyperalgesia.  Neurodynamic treatment, a non-pharmacological procedure, consists of repeated nerve-selective movement protocols. They have been used to reduce pain and disability in patients, although the biological mechanisms remain poorly characterized.

Can neurodynamic treatment (neural mobilization) promote mechanical pain modulation in sensory neurons?

In this preclinical study they investigated the neurobiological mechanisms of how neurodynamic treatment modulates processes in the dorsal root ganglion related to mechanical allodynia and hyperalgesia.

The results revealed that neurodynamic treatment modulates mechanical pain by affecting the expression of TACAN in the dorsal root ganglion, which is a mechanosensitive receptor involved in mechanical allodynia and hyperalgesia.


Giacomo Carta, Benedetta Elena Fornasari, Federica Fregnan, Giulia Ronchi, Stefano De Zanet, Luisa Muratori, Giulia Nato, Marco Fogli, Giovanna Gambarotta, Stefano Geuna y Stefania Raimondo.


Giacomo Carta, Giovanna Gambarotta, Benedetta Elena Fornasari, Luisa Muratori, Marwa El Soury, Stefano Geuna, Stefania Raimondo y Federica Fregnan.