Launch of «Dolor Crónico, una guía de ayuda para pacientes»

Healthcare professionals from UC Christus Health Network and MiNuSPain are pleased to announce the launch of «Dolor Crónico, una guía de ayuda para pacientes» a project that has taken over a year to produce. This guide is designed to provide assistance to patients with pain and their loved ones, enabling them to better understand their daily experience living with pain.

This meticulously crafted guide was made possible through funding from the PME funds of the Millennium Scientific Initiative and features illustrations provided by Ilustrative Science, aiming not only to educate but also to inspire.

While the official launch is scheduled for March 2024, we are pleased to inform you that the first physical copies are already available. We also offer a downloadable PDF version through the following download link, providing immediate access to this valuable source of information.

We deeply appreciate the support and collaboration that have made this project possible. We believe that «Dolor Crónico, una guía de ayuda para pacientes» will make a difference in the lives of those seeking understanding and management of chronic pain.