Upon successful PhD defense, the grantee would have the possibility of continuing as a junior postdoc for an additional year.

The project will look at the role of potassium channels in the modulation of chronic pain mechanisms, using optogenetics and photopharmacology.

Necessary requirements include:

a) A degree from a non-EU university.
b) Having obtained the degree after 1 January 2018.
c) Fulfilling the requirements for applying to a PhD Program in Spain.
d) Knowledge of spoken Spanish or English.
e) Not being in possession of a PhD

Please contact me for further details.

Thank you!

Dr. Félix Viana
Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante Universidad Miguel Hernandez / CSIC Avda. S. Ramón y Cajal s.n.
San Juan de Alicante
03550 Alicante (SPAIN)
phone(s): 34-96-591 9347 (9211) fax: 34-96-591 9561
cellular: 34-658 495483